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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sorry...(Double Posts)

Sorry... I was busy

   Hey guys I did say I was going to post on monday but I was busy with friends and dinner outside.

Since I don't want to delay you guys I'm just going to get on with it.
This might be cut short since I'm doing a double post. So let's get on with it

K-POP: An intro to my favourites

Since you guys don't really know me I thought of telling a small story to how I came to love k-pop and some favourites.
Story: So it was during the summer(August) of 2012 when I looked back at this mash-up by DJ Masa. I wasn't sure about k-pop at that time but since it was a mash-up I decided to look up the songs he used in his mash-up.

< After looking through all the songs(most of them) I came to love a couple of groups.

- U-kiss being my No. 1
- Sistar catching my interest
- 2NE1/Big Bang/SNSD/Suju still being awesome as I remembered them from the past
- And many other groups that I now know to date

Ps. I loved k-pop before Psy's Gangnam style came out 

Manga: My taste and artwork

Being a fan of japanese entertainment, more to the point, japanese artwork and stories there can be many different tastes of style. So For this post I will give you A small description of my taste in manga
  • Romance(typical)
  • Shoujo
  • School life
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • One-shot(sometimes)

Author/Artist These people are people who I have read from many times who I can put my trust in to say they are awesome
  • Tooyama Ema
  • Hiiragi Mashiro
  • Kamiya Yuu
  • Kawahara Reki
  • Aikawa Saki
  • Kayoru
  • Yagami Rina
These lists may not be everything as I don't quite remember everything thing I love but I am sure about these ones.


< Since this is about manga I decided to add something I drew before. This is an older photo compared to how it looks now but not much changed.

Since I was unable to do a post on monday I am unsure if I can post on Friday. I will try my best to. If not I may decide not to post one on Friday but I will continue on the following  posts for the following days.

See you next time

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