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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Product Review: Cat Headband


Yay my first review (.-. straight face irl like lols).
Cat Ear Headband
All right, let's go straight to it. So somewhere around late February I ordered a cat headband from eBay. I had been eyeing it for a while now, and since it was almost my birthday i was like, "why not?". and so here it is (photos around post, but not actually here<).

On eBay it was called:
(long name right :/)
I had purchased this off of honest-merchant27 for C $1.83(+ tax)(free shipping)
On the page you could choose between
colour of headband: golden/silver
style of embellishment: rhinestone/pearl

I had picked for a golden headband w/pearls since it seemed more 'adorably-kawaii-cute', and seemed more elegant... maybe. I didn't really give any thought on when or where I would wear this (aside from Halloween and other dress up events), but I already paid so, let's just wait.

(just checked) So I had purchased this on February 21, and it arrived on March 18 (a day before the actually estimated date!). So in about 4 weeks it arrived in the mail (as this doesn't cost much and is small.).
This was from China, so delivery time is an OK for me.
(Economy shipping)

The headband came packaged in order of opening:
plastic shipping bag - sticky fold
folded thin packing foam sheet - sticker tape
plastic typical packaging - sticky flap

The item didn't get destroyed in delivery as i was worried since it was rather small and thin.
For the shipping bag I had to cut it since I couldn't peel the actually flap (weak me) so that's good,
nothing seemed out of place and the headband was perfectly secured.

as you notice the headband itself is a little crooked so that's kind of sad for me, as I do feel OCD. But it doesn't get noticed so it isn't much of a bother.

Considering its made of possible metal, overtime it would stretch. Now I have a big head so this is a little tight but it being metal will stretch.

The actual assembly of the pieces is actually quite good as I noticed that there are marks of melted metal on the back/inside part of the headband. This would mean that they were heated and melted to stick instead of glue (same for the pearls).

I didn't really look at the photo much, so i didn't expect the pearls to be a large-small pattern and I actually quite like it since it gives more shape.

Otherwise anything about the spacing I won't be too concerned about as it doesn't really get noticed and I'm not bothered by it.

Packaging: 9/10
Item: 8/10
Recommend: Yes

Since April Fools' and Easter is coming up, I might decide to wear them then at school and try not to feel like a weirdo as I don't have rabbit ears.

Ohh, my first review is over. Kind of sad, still feeling lonely as I don't know who actually reads. Anyways I think I can finally follow a weekly upload as long as I try. 
See you next week

If you would like to check it out and get it for yourself here's the link: http: 
Here's is the link to the seller if you want to check out more:

Links are also at the beginning where they are shown.

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