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Monday, 11 August 2014

Remedies for the Sick (Not but posting anyways)

On Mondays I usually post about Korean stuff but guess what, I'm sick.

By sick I mean coughing up hell. I don't have a fever nor am I cold cause I'm not experiencing any of the signs that I have one. But this has gone on for TOO LONG. I've been like this since a week ago (disclaimer: this was written on August 3). It first started off as a sore throat, but now its just coughing like there's no tomorrow.
Now I come from an Asian family, so what they know, gets past down. I have been having the usually hot water and cough syrup, with a couple of Asian pills here and there, but they are not helping. Some proof would be that I have experience what I believe to be 'being drunk' twice already in a week, one of the days having drank 3 spoons of cough syrup and two different pills (If being a bit drowsy where my balance and focus is off is not being drunk, then I'm not sure. I have never drank before so that also makes me unsure).

So, today I decided to check up some remedies for a sore throat( I'm pretty sure that's what I have). Looking through pages, I saw the usually things I know that help, but then i saw something that made me question and made me go 'Really?'. Now I have never heard about this working but if it does, thank you Internet.

Now this, is new to me.
marshmallows, for sore throat?
I hope this works.
(if you are wondering about the cup-yes I'm using a glass cup- it is a Coca-Cola glass cup. It ain't official ok. I got it from a dollar store. It looked cool. Also I only had small marshmallows on hand.-Made rice krispies previously but had extra-)

I'll check back later if there is an improvement (aka when I'm done with the marshmallow cup).

August 7, 2014

OK, so it has been a few days and my voice has definitely gotten better. I only cough a little bit now so that's good.
As for the So i haven't actually finished the cup. It's about half way there but yeah it didn't work. I guess it really depends on the kind of sickness or the type of person so, if you're like me(not sure what I mean, but I guess have a sore throat) it's not gonna work. Coughed all night to be exact.

Well plan failed. Anyways it gave me a lesson. If I or someone else has a sore throat, no marshmallows.

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