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Monday, 28 July 2014

My K-pop Appreciation

 So from what we all have established  from now is that I like K-pop, and I guess Korean dramas too (coughcoughMyLoveFromAnotherStarcoughcough).

So my way of dedicating is of course lip syncing and singing really badly from time to time.

But my main dedication is learning the dances, as I do quite enjoy the dances they come out with. When I first started to want to dance and practise their dances, of course I didn't know what to do. So I started by watching dance tutorials. Now I rarely watch videos for dances...aside from really difficult ones. So I just did some random searching on Youtube, and I came upon a Kara dance tutorial. The song was Step by Kara performed and taught by ChunActive.
(Yeah, body wise...I ain't that good. As well as my dancing skills.)

Anyways, continue on. I experimented on many dances, having MVs, dance practises, and covers as my material of use. I experimented on Infinite songs, Miss A songs(still am) , Sistar songs(and still am), and T-ara songs. Nowadays I have been practising with Girl's day, Orange Caramel, Nine Muses and a few songs from artists/idols here and there. Some of you might question why I don't do many boy... dances (I guess I'll call them that), well 1. there aren't many I like and 2. I don't have as much energy or flexibility to do those moves nor enough speed. (technically #2 is an excuse but, eh). But like I said previously, I do still watch dance tutorials, like for Xia's Incredible(thanks DarrenTP). 
Well dancing is good for the body, not that I do it for that, either way it's quite fun to know these dances. I hope to do more over the years... and not actually be embarrassed to show them to people. My goal is to be involved in a K-pop flash mob cause they seem fun. But first I'll have to find a group that's not in my area cause I'm not sure who likes K-pop around here as much as I do. Join me on my excruciating journey of learning dances.

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