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Sunday, 14 September 2014

How School Feels (Entry #1)

September 14 , 2014

Hello people.
how's your day?
Mines has been okay. Since school has been going on these past weeks I've been slightly busy. During other days I'm too lazy to just go on my computer to type, so, sorry.
Anyways if I get bored and I feel like typing and I don't have anything to to type I decided that I'll just make something like journal entries, so at least I'll be posting for you guys.

Anyways school has been going great for me. Since its still the beginning, nothing much has happened so far. A few new friends, bits and pieces of new stuff to learn, food, and the joy of old friends. I missed my friends a lot since I was bored during the summer. Now that I get to see them again, I'm not as bored as I was before. old laughs, fun adventures, and interesting stories. Since this is a journal entry and I get to write whatever I want (kind of), I did, and I don't have much to write about anymore. so that's it.

See you guys next time, either on another entry or another post about something.

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