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Monday, 16 March 2015

March Break Update + Late Birthday Post


Yeah, I know its been a while (Anyone?).

March Break Update

So its March Break (in certain parts of the world at least-Canada-).
For those that don't know, March Break = Spring Break in March, a vacational break for a week in the education system. So since its March Break I thought about saying hi. 
Anyways I know I say this every single time, but seriously I mean it this time.
I'm gonna try to post something every week, probably fashion or life stuff (lifestyle?) since the weather is getting warming in Canada (finally - yes there was snow still in March-).

Side note, it was my birthday yesterday.
So basically, I'm 15 now. Yay!
Of course nothing has happened aside from the usually family birthday dinner and red pocket money (I'm Chinese so this is the Asian gift)
I also recently ordered my cat headband so that's something I'm excited about, will review (btw, got it from eBay, for $2 something!1!). 
I Also have a new post up on Polyvore so check it out.

Once i can get a good camera, I might start youtube, maybe.

Still don't have much to talk about, will be back next week ,bye.

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