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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Long Return of Season 2: SAO

Aahh, SAO (or Sword Art Online for those who don't know). One of the many animes that people hated and people loved. It was a big debate whether it was good or bad. I for one loved it, be it the artwork, the story line, or the characters. From the many reviews I've seen, it seemed like it didn't deserve it's hype. But for me I had already know about it before the announcement for it's anime or the release of the first episode(cough...yeah I missed the release date and watched it the next day). So right from the get go I had already loved it as I had already started reading the book.

So a slight explanation for those who don't know:
Sword Art Online is about a virtual reality game created by Kayaba Akihiko in the year 2022 for the newly created Nerve Gear helmet to simulate the brain in to a virtual reality. In the story, one day suddenly the players can not log out of the game and they are trapped. They are informed by Kayaba Akihiko that they must get to the 100th floor in the game and defeat the final boss. The twist is that if they die in the game, they die in real life. We follow our protagonist, Kirito as he ventures on to reach the 100th floor, and meets friends and companions along the way.
And in the game their avatars end up becoming what they look cute girls -> fat nerds(not being mean here, that's in the animations for some of the players).

And So the story continues on in Season 2.

Since some of you guys don't know about this, I am not going to spoil it for you. What I can say is that Sword Art Online is the anime series from a book, so it follows the storyline of it (book's by Kawahara Reki by the way). What I can say is that no, they aren't still trapped in the game, and for season 2 we still follow Kirito, or Kirigawa Kazuto(Kirito is but a username) but this time he is in another game with a new mission. So far I am enjoying the anime as it continues on, and I hope you guys can like it too.

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