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Monday, 14 July 2014

Roommate & My Bias

Hi guys, on track today

Since the last post where I said I'll post every other week, I'm pre-typing this right now.

The actual beginning -> Roommate

So recently I've been watching Roommate, the Korean reality show that features a cast living in a house together, hence the name.

Some info for those who don't know:
So a couple of people/stars have come to live together because of various reasons.
Loneliness, wanting to leave their parents, or wanting to meet different people.
The cast of Roommate includes:
Chanyeol from Exo(K)          Park Bom from 2NE1
Shin Sung Woo                     Hong Soo Hyun 
Nana from After School/Orange Caramel
Jo Se Ho                                Seo Kang Joon
Lee Dong Wook                    Lee So Ra
Park Min Woo                       Song Ga Yeon

Since I have not been up to date with the recent episodes, I'm not too sure what has been going on.
I have only recent watched episode 6 and it has been great so far.
In episode 6, it was the episode of the Park couple, where Park Bom and Park Min Woo team up and pretend to act as a couple to trick the roommates. It was great how far they went to trick everyone by wearing matching sweater and socks, couple rings, hats, phone cases, and calling each other on purpose. If you want to know more go watch Roommate, I recommend it.

Part 2 -> My Bias

So mentioned previously in a K-pop post, I said that U-kiss was my bias.

Well that is true. When I re-watched the mash-up, the group caught my eye, with the two music videos in the mash-up, Binguel Binguel and Man Man Ha Ni.

They caught my eye with the eye make-up
and the futuristic concept from the background.
And my number one bias from U-Kiss is
KEVIN.(I know, typical)   KISSME4LIFE

(In the picture, member AJ is missing as he
 away studying in Columbia University.) >

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