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Sunday, 29 June 2014

I'm Back

So... I'm back. I decided not to wait a year's time, and well... hi again.

Hey everyone (no one), its been a while.

It seems just as i thought, no one aside my self. although there was one last month but it was just someone passing by. ITS SO HOT. School's over and I'm just lazing around. It kind of weird coming back to this after a couple of months. I have had somethings planned out but not scheduled. So stay tuned.

Since there's no school i can start posting more regularly. This is still new to me so i can't really talk much. Maybe i'll post pictures. or do rants. either way somethings going to happen.

There, a panda drinking coffee.

(hope this doesn't give out a location)

So a slight schedule:

Monday:Korean stuff
Wednesday:Japanese stuff
Friday:Fashion stuff
Saturday/Sunday:Daily pictures of anything

That's all i have now, i'll see you guys on monday.

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