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Friday, 26 December 2014


*Disclaimer: Intentionally supposed to posted this on Christmas, but got busy and tired after I got home. Still gonna call it a Christmas special though*


I'm back, I'm back. Yes I'm back. School is on Holiday stop right now so i have time to post. sort of. Since i am one lazy ball of a person, I'm writing this last minute. Literally last minute cause I was supposed o post this on Christmas but I got lazy and tired and now I'm posting it in the morning of Boxing Day. On the topic of Boxing Day, this post is what its kind of about.

So, I have some explaining to do. 
Back in the Halloween time, I was supposed to post the Book of Wonderland Series. Well, school caught me and so did laziness and tiredness which lead to today. I was stuck on finishing one of the characters and so i left it till now. I have finally completed that one character so...

For the following week I will be posting the Books(characters)three per day until the end of this weekend!!!

To start off:
Book of Playing Cards

Book of Playing Cards

Book of the March Hare

Book of the March Hare

Book of Absolem

Book of Absolem

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