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Monday, 6 October 2014

Nuit Blanche, Toronto

October 4, 2014 was a show on the streets presented by Scotiabank. Downtown Toronto, Ontario was the light of the night.

So yeah, since I don't live downtown we (my family and I) took the subway. It's not much of an exciting journey but hey, I rarely take the subway so it's always a journey for me.

6:00 pm
So we arrived pretty early and we were hungry so we decided to eat at Eaton Centre (large shopping mall for those wondering).

8:30 pm

As we were walking on the streets (streets closed for today) we heard music and stumbled on this 'corner store'. 8-Eleven. Should I say anymore. My mom was wondering where everyone went after they went in as no one came out. Since the line was short we decided to go in too. As we expected it was a show on art. If I remember correctly the creator decided to rent the corner store and make it his own fun. When it was over, we left through the alleyway. So that's where everyone went.

Made in china                                                                        Walkin' on the red carpet flag at Fort York

Between The Doors
It was like a rating on who chose what most. With different doors representing different choices in life. As you enter one, there are even more. I wanted to go try but the line was too long and the wait would probably be long too. >>>

What the WTF is that?!?
Gigantic Kaleidoscope 

9:47 pm
Tim Horton's Hot chocolate anyone? Its cold outside.
(no pic sorry, just wanted to be warm)

And so the night ends for us.

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